Dear Homeowner,

Now you can have that beautiful, clutter-free garage that you (or your spouse) have always wanted without the AWFUL job of sorting, packing up and hauling away lots of STUFF…

You’re busy. You’ve got a million and one things to do and barely enough time to sleep. But you decided that enough is enough. Its finally time to clean out and remodel that garage into a space that is functional and useful.

There is one problem, though and that problem is STUFF.

You might have piles and piles of boxes that need to be moved out or stuff that just needs to be tossed or donated. It all goes back to time, though – if you only had more, you’d be able to make your garage sparkle from floor to ceiling.

You don’t, however, have to forgo a clean garage because you lack enough time. What if there was an easier way?

Whether You’re a Collector, a Packrat, or an Outright Hoarder, We’ll Pack it Up, Label it and Haul it Away – All So You Can Have Your Garage Back

A recent study found that garages account for “the biggest organization headache” in the home… even more than closets, basements, and kid’s rooms! That’s a big problem, considering more and more people are considering their garage a part of their home and as a place to hold parties and entertain.

Our goal at TLC Garage Works is to make people see their garage as a usable room and not just a place to park cars. With most families using the garage as the entrance to their home, creating a beautiful, bright, tidy entrance (instead of a gloomy, overstuffed mishmash of junk) is becoming more and more important.

But don’t be embarrassed, the problem may not be your fault… most families just don’t have enough room in their homes to store everything. Backpacks, muddy shoes, garbage and recycling bins, sports equipment, gardening tools, the endless mounds of purchases from Sam’s Club or Costco (where else do you store the 24 rolls of paper towels?), the second refrigerator, and all the white elephants of life… are all stuffed into the garage.

And, with basement remodeling prices sometimes out of control and an addition too costly… what’s left for you to do?

It’s Time to Transform The Last Room In Your House…

TLC Garage Works specializes in garages and helps homeowners transform an underused (and overstuffed) area of their house into an attractive, safe and organized space. Since garages are normally the largest room of the house, it is cheaper to utilize the garage to its full potential than to remodel a basement or add on.

We Provide You With Turn-Key Garage Organizing Services…
Sure, an organized, beautiful garage is a dream of yours… but you don’t want to do the work of getting everything out and finding someplace to put it (if you had a place, you wouldn’t be in this predicament, right??).. Rest easy! With our turn-key garage organizing services:

  • You’ll get a complete proprietary, step-by-step garage design, organization & make-over (or just the specific things you need)
  • You’ll benefit from the best in garage design, floor finish, shelving, cabinets and storage organizers available
  • You won’t have to do anything… our Clean Up/Clear Away Crew will de-clutter your garage for you (other companies make you do this yourself), making sure everything is either disposed of properly – delivered to your chosen charity, taken to the dump or stored securely on your property in a pod container (we provide), or in a secure building
  • You can have it all in your garage… right down to new drywall, painting and electrical touches. In fact, our licensed electrician can even help you out with other home projects, like wiring, extra power outlets, or new overhead lighting

Instantly Raise the Value of Your Home With a Beautiful Garage Floor Will Never Stain, Chip, Bubble or Peel… and includes a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Don’t need a complete garage makeover? Imagine… stepping onto a garage floor that shines like a new coat of paint… that doesn’t stain with things like oil, coolants, transmission fluid, even rusty water! Our proprietary coating system is a commercial quality, UV stable, earth friendly solution, superior to the watered-down products that are available for purchase at the chain stores.

This durable coating system not only protects your floor from future damage, but will also strengthen the already weakened existing floor. We install in only one day (Yes!! I said one day!) and will leave you with a floor that will look sparkling new for a lifetime… we guarantee it! And the cleaning is so easy… you’ll want us to transform your basement, laundry room, bathroom, patio, sidewalk and anywhere else you’d like a beautiful surface.

Don’t wait – its time to make your garage as beautiful as your home. Call TLC Garage Works today at 301-710-6880 or click here to use our online request form. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Bob Carr, TLC Garage Works